Why Ignoring Photography Will Cost You Sales

Saying that your business might suffer as a result of not adding photography to it might seem a tad dramatic, but it is the absolute truth. There are some crucial factors in marketing and sales, of which photography is not an exception. How you position your brand in the eyes of those who need to see it is equally, if not more important on what you are actually trying to sell.

People are moved by what they see more than what they read, so it is highly imperative that you appeal to that emotional resonance by using images in the right and effective manner.

This article highlights why photography is very important when it comes to making money for your business.

Nothing beats image sharing

You must always make it a point of duty to outdo your competition, who is also using images and audiovisual content to attract your prospects. What sets you apart is how you use these images, and how they carefully tell your brand story or promote your unique selling proposition.

The rise in the use of picture sharing social media platforms such as Instagram means that the attention span of people are becoming limited, which means that the type of imaging you promote must be carefully thought oit and properly executed to achieve maximum results.

You can become closer to your prospects and customers

One thing photography can do is to tell your brand story in a way that doesn’t feel as though you are being patronizing. You can also share high resolution images of your product, taken from different angles, and even see examples of how it is used..

You can create behind the scenes videos, promotional videos, testimonials, events photography, product photos, regular office moments, new employee announcements, office showcase, show the people behind the brand, educate viewers on how to use your products, broadcast the news, and invite customers and the public to share product and brand related photos.

To also promote customer acquisition and retention, you can use pictures to create multiple ads that can prompt them to spend on your product. Seeing the same image multiple times over a period of time helps build a longing for it, which most times, lead to a sale. You can use these pictures on your different social media channels and website to help drive conversions.

One Last Thing

Statistics show that Instagram has up to 20 times more engagement than Facebook because of its image-based focus. Even tweets with images get around 150%.more retweets than tweets with text alone. This goes to show how far audiovisual content can make you reach your target demography faster than any other way.

If you have been ignoring photography until now, it’s high time you made a change. The benefits are both short-term and long-term.

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