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 Customer service is so much more than just providing support to  your customers. It is the smile at the front desk, the listening ear after service and the voice with which brand and customer alike can communicate. 

For  Studio24 as a brand,  customer service for us is culture, it is a way of life embodied in the persona of AMANDA. Who is Amanda? What does Amanda do? And more importantly, how is Amanda important to you??

The Who

Amanda is a team of passionate and professional customer service personnel that connects the company to its customers and vice versa.  We provide a conducive and direct channel for our customers nationwide to access premium services and complain when this service is not satisfactory. We are not centralized on just your  complaints, we appreciate your feedback and comments on your delightful experience and our satisfactory service

The What

We strategized and implemented our skills to calls and messages to be able to reach out to our customers. We inquire on areas our products and services needs to improved on, follow up on purchases of our products, keep you updated on services and special ongoing promotions as well as answer any questions you may have.

Our Importance(favorite part)

We enjoy serving you, it is our utmost pleasure to provide you with top notch service before and after. Amanda aims to reduce the large gap between customers and the brand, bringing closer a tight bonding customer relationship.  

Our course is to ensure you have a wonderful experience, erase stress and communicate your observations and insights to where they would do the most good. We aim to retain our existing customers, nurture new ones, improve service quality and provide an after service experience which can turn prospective clients to loyal customers.

The Amanda Experience(customer testimonials)

 Aisha – Wuse 2 Abuja “Amanda has been so helpful, I was able to get my pictures sent to me on time all thanks to Amanda! “ 

Inemesit – UyoI called Amanda to provide assistance with the  address for a branch and it was provided, I was able to visit the  studio for my shoot”  

Femi – Lekki I wanted to make Inquiries about the packages, my  airtime was exhausted, Amanda called back immediately, I must  say I have never seen such excellent customer service in Nigeria “ 

Uche – Enugu Shop Rite’I got a call from Amanda thanking me for  my patronage even when I just took a passport photograph of N1,  613, wow! That’s shows they care about their customers ‘’ 

Our Core Values 

      A  - Accessibility  M - Mild  A - Appealing  N - Noble  D - Devoted  A - Aural 

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