Independence Day Gist

It’s your Colvi Gist Buddy here again! 

In honor of Independence Day, we have partnered with a few event organizers to ensure that we give our customers quality service. 

The first event is an exclusive viewing of James Bond 007 sponsored by Nigerian Breweries and the British Council. Studio 24 is covering this event because it is a networking opportunity, an avenue to build brand awareness, revenue increase, as well as keeping in touch with the most important, respected members in the country.  

All guests at the Heineken event get a 20% discount on their pictures by activating the discount code on the Studio24 business card that will be given to them. They can activate this code by walking into any of our Lagos outlets to redeem their discount. 

Covering these events exclusively is a great boost for our brand. We have also been permitted to share on our social media platforms, which makes our page more interesting and fun. 

The second event is the general viewing of the James Bond 007 “No Time To Die” movie at the EbonyLife Place. Over 800 people are expected to attend. Studios 24 won't just be there to capture images, but also to set up revenue generation activations for the event. We received ten free tickets for the event.

A soft copy of each guest's picture will also be given to them. Those who want more than a single picture will have to pay for additional photos. Our partnership with these organizers aims to increase brand awareness. 

The third event is Laughter on Lockdown. This comedy show features top Nigerian comedians. During this event, Studio24 will set up and take beautiful pictures of attendees. Customers will pay for the images and the activation setup is expected to generate revenue for the Lagos region. 

Join us tomorrow on our Instagram Live as we engage our customers and followers in a Q&A session. Participants can win free tickets for the events by joining Instagram live. Spread the word to your friends and family to join us. 

We must take advantage of events like these as brand ambassadors to increase brand awareness, but most importantly to increase sales.

As your gist buddy, I'm here to keep you updated with the latest gist and news. Keep up to date with us by following us on all social media channels. (All Colvi staff members should follow us on our socials)


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